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.: WebService
This project is offering you a SOAP WebService for submitting solutions and other administrative activities.
The WebServer is located under: http://mpsplib.com/server.php

For using the WebService you need a developer key which associated with your account. You will find your developer key in your profile.
.: Methods
The following methods are implemented and can be used as followed

int [experiment_id] createExperiment([user_key],[experiment_name],[experiment_comment],[experiment_state]);
creates experiment and returns experiment id on success.
[user_key] /* your developer key */
[experiment_name] /* name of the experiment */
[experiment_comment] /* comment to describe experiment */
[experiment_state] /* state of experiment H = hidden, V = visible (not yet implemented, use V) */

boolean publishSolution([user_name], [user_email] ,[user_key], [method], [total_afford], [compution_time], [remarks], [solution], [experiment_id]);

Submits solution to database.
[user_name] /* your name, not needed if [user_key] is used */
[user_email] /* your e-mail, not needed if [user_key] is used */
[user_key] /* developer key */
[method] /* method id, look here for ids */
[total_afford] / * total afford, contracts/number of solutions */
[compution_time] /* compution time, in seconds*/
[remarks] /* remarks/comments on your solution */
[solution] /* the solution itself, for syntax regard example
[experiment_id] /* id of experiment you want to connect the solution to, optional */

.: Examples